An ITL BioMedical Subsidiary

Experience how our medical and surgical devices:

  • Prioritize exceptional ease of use

    Designed for practitioners, ITL Clinical products leverage end-user insights from conceptualization to implementation. Our people-centered designs including patented products are manufactured with simplicity in mind, maximizing ease of use and reducing risk of injury. Routinely utilized in hospital and clinical settings, our ergonomically designed products enhance user and patient outcomes.

  • Ensure superior safety & efficiency

    The unique designs of ITL Clinical products prioritize safety, efficiency and productivity to enable hospital and clinical best practices. From cost effective products such as our patented Quivers that aid in reducing risk of injury to staff and patients to collapsible products that reduce packaging size improving shipping and packaging efficiencies, our products are designed with not just clinical, but operational improvements in mind.

  • Enable optimal outcomes worldwide

    While hospitals and clinics operate differently around the world, they remain united by a common goal to improve the health and safety of their patients. The products at ITL Clinical are applicable worldwide, ensuring optimal end-user safety and patient outcomes. Safety and efficiency is at the forefront of every product we produce.

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